A little about Me

I am a freelance digital artist, based in Madrid (Spain), with a client list and portfolio focused on TV, arts, prints, music and community work. Right now I am available for freelance work.

I have a degree in Visual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid  1998/2003. Specializing in motion graphics and graphic design, sector where work since 2003.

I constantlly search for simplicity in geometric shapes. A mix between chaos and order in structure a visual impact of colors and dinamism.

My Skills

What I do
Motion Graphics

Animations for Commercials, Explainer Videos, Broadcast, Multimedia, Internet

Style Frames - Design Boards

Design of show open design, title cards, promotions, trailers, bumpers

Graphic Design

Design of prints, flyers, banners

My Workstation


Apple certified in Final Cut Pro

Certified Adobe Photoshop – Visual Communication

Certified Animation Bootcamp, Design Bootcamp, Character Animation Bootcamp